Photography | Social Media | Web Design and Management

While this is an “About Page”, I’m probably not very good at talking about myself.

Perhaps that’s one reason why I take photos?

In regards to photo’s here. Being based in Devon, England, gives me plenty of what natures paintbrush offers right on my doorstep. While Toy Photography, offers a chance for the imagination to run wild.

I aim to communicate the best possible story of the moment that the photo taken can tell.

My creative streak also strays into the use of Social Media, and web design / management. My experience in supporting people (during my day jobs), has also led into an interest into how and why people behave in certain ways online. 

I am currently looking at how to use social media as a support tool. 

But simply put…

But, simply put, this site is a collection of photo’s I’ve taken, websites managed, and thoughts written. Most of which have the theme of looking at the world around us, and the characters that live in that world.